What Has Hands But Cannot Clap

Answer: A clock has hands but cannot clap. One May Ask, What can clap without any hands answer? The answer for I Can Clap Without Hands Riddle is “Thunder.” People Ask, What have 4 legs but can't walk? What has four legs and one back but can't walk? Chair.

what has hands but cannot clap

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What has ring but no finger?

A lot of users have been wondering why is the answer to the riddle is the telephone. Taking the first line into consideration, “ring” here describes the sound a telephone makes when a call comes through.

What is clap in slang?

“The clap” is a slang term for gonorrhea. People also call gonorrhea, “the drip.” These words can stigmatize and shame someone for having an. Gonorrhea is very common and treatable.

Who has teeth but Cannot bite?

As per the riddle, a comb has teeth but it can’t bite. Other inanimate objects with teeth like a saw, zipper, or gear can bite you. Hence comb is the correct answer.

What has one eye can’t see?

Despite that eye, the needle cannot see. Therefore, What has one eye but cannot see answer is a needle.

What gets wet while drying?

The answer to the riddle is “a towel”.

It is a bath towel because the more it dries, the wetter it becomes. When the towel is used to dry other things or people, it keeps on getting wetter as it keeps absorbing the water.

What goes from Z to A?

The Word Zebra starts with the Letter ‘Z’ and ends with the Letter ‘A’. So, the correct answer to the riddle is Zebra.

What STD is called the drip?

Gonorrhea is a very common sexually transmitted infection, especially for teens and people in their 20s. Gonorrhea is sometimes called “the clap” or “the drip.” Gonorrhea is spread through vaginal, anal, and oral sex. The infection is carried in semen (cum), pre-cum, and vaginal fluids.

What does no cap mean?

No Cap/Capping: Cap is another word for lie. Saying “no cap” means that you aren’t lying, or if you say someone is “capping,” then you are saying they are lying. Examples: “I’m actually going to be productive today, no cap.” “You actually got tickets to the Bad Bunny concert? You’re capping.”

What is slang for chlamydia?

Slang: “the clam” “gooey stuff”

Chlamydia is the most common bacterial sexually transmitted disease in the country. It is caused by a bacterium known as Chlamydia trachomatis and is often without symptoms. Chlamydia is frequently diagnosed in teenagers and young adults.

What is the smallest room in the world?

Ryan Trahan has shared a video of himself living in the smallest room in the world. Ryan spent twenty-four hours in a room of only twenty-five square feet. At that moment, two of Trahan’s friends come and sit in the living room with him.

What Cup does not hold water?

Richard: A cupcake.

What is always in front of you?

the future is always in front of you but we can’t be seen.

What has many keys but?

Riddle: What has many keys, but can’t even open a single door? A piano or a keyboard.

What kind of room has no doors or windows?

A mushroom.

What is a saddest fruit?

Blueberries are the saddest fruits. In English some colors are associated with feelings. Blue is associated with sadness.

What becomes white when it is dirty?

Blackboard is Black in Colour and we write it on with the help of White Chalk. When we overwrite things with white chalk on the blackboard or the Blackboard is totally full then, it looks Dirty. So, Blackboard becomes dirty when it is turned White.

What can fill a room?

Light can fill a room but it takes up no space.

This is a riddle. A riddle is a statement or a question that requires deep and clear thinking. The correct answer to the given statement is light. We can see light and it fills the room.

What does my g mean in texting?

“My g” is just a term that a close friend would call another close friend.

What means YEET?

Yeet is a slang word that functions broadly with the meaning “to throw,” but is especially used to emphasize forcefulness and a lack of concern for the thing being thrown. (You don’t yeet something if you’re worried that it might break.)

What does 🧢 mean in slang?

The 🧢 emoji means “cap,” which is slang for “lie.” When you see the 🧢 emoji, just replace it with the word “cap” (if it works like a noun), or “capping” (if it functions like a verb). Cap is popular slang to mean “lie,” while capping means “lying.” As a noun, someone might say “That’s 🧢” (i.e. “That’s a lie”).

Why is VD called the clap?

There are many theories as to why the sexually-transmitted disease, gonorrhea, is often referred to as the clap. The name is believed to have derived from French or English language terms, or from the painful treatment that was once used to treat the disease.

What is the biggest room in the world?

The Boeing Everett Factory is the largest room in the world by volume. It is an airplane assembly building owned by Boeing. It is 13,385,378 cubic meters in volume and covers an area of 399,480 square meters.

What’s the smallest room in the world escape room?

Measuring just 120cm x 70cm x 50cm, the smallest escape room game in the world has been designed and built by a Goldsmiths, University of London student.

What is full of holes but still holds water?

Sponge is full of holes but still holds water.

Are you a cup game?

This is a game best played at banquets and other large events, where people are sitting at tables waiting for food… The first person (person A) turns to the person on their left (person B) and says “This is a cup” while showing them a cup (it always starts with a cup). Person B says “a what?” Person A says “a cup”.

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