What Does Aulani Mean In English

“Aulani means 'messenger of a chief' or 'messenger of a greater authority. ' So the committee quickly determined that this would be the name it would present to Disney as the name for this new resort.” Regarding This, Is Aulani a girl name? The name Aulani is primarily a gender-neutral name of Hawaiian origin that means King's Messenger. Also Asked, What does Leilani mean in Hawaiian? This Hawaiian girl's name means "royal child of heaven" and "heavenly lei." It comes from the words lei, meaning "flowers," and lani, meaning "of the sky or heavens." In Hawaiian culture, a lei is a floral garland and is a symbol of love, friendship, peace, or honor.

what does aulani mean in english

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What island is Aulani on in Hawaii?

Aulani Resort is perfectly positioned on the beautiful beaches of Ko Olina on the leeward coast of O’ahu. The Resort sits on 21 oceanfront acres, nestled between verdant mountains and serene ocean waters. Here, you’ll be removed from the crowds of Waikiki, yet close enough to enjoy the wonders of the island.

What does Ko Olina mean in Hawaiian?

The name Ko Olina was selected by Reverend Abraham K. Akaka. The word Ko means to fulfill and Olina means joy. When Reverand Akaka joined these two words together, he had the meaning of Ko Olina as the fulfillment of joy.

What does Ohana mean what language?

Ohana is the Hawaiian word for family. There tends to be a strong sense of family when growing up in smaller towns. In the old days, families in Hawaii tended to be quite large, often four or five (or more) siblings.

What does the name Alani mean?

Popularity:425. Origin:Hawaiian. Meaning:fragrant; precious; orange tree. Alani is a baby girl name with a number of meanings, including “fragrant,” “orange tree,” and “precious”. This baby girl name comes from the name Alana and originates in Hawaii.

What does the name Ailani mean?

Composed of the Hawaiian lani, meaning “sky” or “heavens” in association with royalty, Ailani is typically defined as “chief.” However, Ailani possesses so much more than status and gentle guidance, bearing close resemblance to the term ʻAi lani, which means “spiritual food.” In Hawaiin culture, ‘ai is the eating of .

What does Kalani mean in Hawaii?

Kalani. Origin: Hawaiian. Meaning: Sea and sky, chief.

What does Hilo mean in Hawaiian?

1. nvt., To twist, braid, spin; twisted, braided; threadlike; faint streak of light.

What does Malia mean in Hawaiian?

Malia is a girls’ name of Hawaiian origin, meaning “calm and peaceful.” This name comes from the Hawaiian word malie, or “peaceful.” Malia can also be of Hebrew origin as a variation of Miriam. In this case, Malia means “bitter” and “the star of the sea.”

Is Aulani a 5 star resort?

If you’re looking for the best 5-star resort on Oahu for families, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything better than Aulani.

Is Aulani all inclusive?

Aulani is not an all-inclusive resort, meaning each item of your stay will be billed separately (room, food, activities, etc). The Hawaiian word “Aulani” means “the place that speaks for the great ones”. It’s also part of the DVC (Disney Vacation Club) program, making it a popular destination for Disney fans.

What does Auntie mean in Hawaii?

In Hawaii, “Aunty” and “Unko” (Uncle in Standard English) are used as a sign of respect towards elders. While it is common practice, there are times when these terms of endearment can be used in woefully wrong ways.

What does Auntie mean in Hawaii?

In Hawaii, “Aunty” and “Unko” (Uncle in Standard English) are used as a sign of respect towards elders. While it is common practice, there are times when these terms of endearment can be used in woefully wrong ways.

What name means handsome in Hawaiian?

Nohea (NOH-eh-ah) is a commonly given name meaning “lovely” or “handsome.”

What name means beautiful in Hawaiian?

Kanani. A very cute and pretty Hawaiian girl name, Kanani simply means “the beauty” and is pronounced ka-NA-nee.

What is the most popular Hawaiian name?

The most popular Hawaiian names in 2017 were Kai and Kainoa for boys, and Malia and Kailani for girls. Almost 9,000 names, including spelling variances, were reported for the 17,524 babies born in 2017. Among the leading names: 79 boys were named Liam and 73 girls were named Emma.

What does name Amara mean?

In Italian, the word “amara” means “bitter.” In the Igbo language, which is spoken in Nigeria and other parts of Africa, the name means “grace.” And in Sanskrit, the language of ancient India, Amara means “deathless” or “immortal.”

What does Kehlani mean in Hawaiian?

Hawaiian. “sea and sky

What does Kai Lani mean in Hawaiian?

Meaning:Sea and sky. Inspired by nature, Kailani is a girl’s name of Hawaiian origin, meaning “sea and sky”.

What does Hapuna mean in Hawaiian?

The deliberately named waters of Hapuna Beach – Hapuna means “spring of life” in Hawaiian – are probably the most loved on all of the Big Island. Both visitors and residents flock to this beach on the South Kohala coast, and encourage you to do the same.

What is the Hawaiian word for sunshine?

is the Hawaiian word for both sun and day.

What does Kona in Hawaiian mean?

Kona means “Leeward” in Hawaiian. In Ancient Hawaii each island had a “Kona” district. Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, sometimes called Kona Town.

What does name Kona mean?

The name Kona is used as a baby name for both girls and boys in Hawaii. One of the translations of the word signifies “lady”. This makes it a beautiful name for a baby girl. Moreover, the name also means “origin, popularity, and the world rule”.

What does Akana mean in Hawaiian?

[Yan / Akana] Meaning: tight (closely sealed), stern, strict, rigorous, severe, father. Regions : Hawaii. Explore 严 Yan meaning & origins. 84 records.

What does Moki mean in Hawaiian?

Moki means God is good in hawaiian and Deer in Native American.

What name means gift from God in Hawaiian?

As a biblical name closely related to Jacob, it also has the meaning “may God protect.” Makaio. As the Hawaiian version of Matthew, Makaio is pronounced MA-kai-o. Matthew also makes its way back to Hebrew and means “gift of Yahweh.”

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