How To Keep Squirrels Off Shepherds Hook

The best way to keep squirrels and raccoons off feeders is to use a pole or shepherds hook with pole baffles installed or hanging baffles installed above the feeder. We DO NOT recommend adding grease, oil or petroleum jelly to a pole or hanger to make it too slippery for squirrels and raccoons to climb. Likewise, Will a Slinky keep squirrels away? Hungry squirrels are no match for a Slinky. It's a simple, cost-efficient way to keep squirrels out of your bird feeders. The green space called your backyard has seen it all—neighborhood cookouts, family gatherings, potlucks and more. People Also Ask, What can I put on a pole to keep squirrels off? Put a Slinky on the Bird Feeder Pole to Stop Squirrels If you'd like to have a little more fun with your squirrels, try a turning a toy Slinky into a baffle. Thread the post through the Slinky and attach one end under the feeder, allowing it to drape down the post. Shorten it if the Slinky touches the ground.

how to keep squirrels off shepherds hook

Similar Questions

Will Vaseline stop squirrels?

Many people use products such as Vaseline, WB-40, axle grease or another greasy or oily products, with the idea that this provides a slippery barrier that the squirrel can’t get past. At least initially, the animal slides down the pole while trying. It may be effective and funny to watch, but please, do NOT do this.

Can squirrels climb metal shepherd hooks?

Squirrels and raccoons are excellent climbers and easily scale a pole or shepherds hook to reach a feeder. If your feeder(s) is hung from a pole or shepherds hooks we recommend using pole baffles.

Will wd40 keep squirrels away?

It’s time to grab your trusty blue and red can of WD-40® Multi-Use Product. This high-performance lubricant will make the surface too slippery for squirrels and other pests to climb, so they will have no choice but to stay away. Simply shake the can well and coat all external surfaces of the feeder and pole.

What can I use for a squirrel baffle?

What can I use as a squirrel baffle? For our homemade squirrel baffle we used a stainless steel bowl. But you can use a 5″ or 6″ galvanized duct pipe to slide over your bird feeder pole. A slinky slid over the feeder pole is also an option.

Will aluminum foil deter squirrels?

A layer of aluminum foil is all the squirrel repellent you need on potted plants. For whatever reason, they don’t like the stuff. As a backyard gardener, I had a problem this spring with varmints digging up my potted tomatoes and sweet peppers.

How do you put a Slinky on a shepherds hook?

Shepherds hooks are one solution. You can tie them to the pole, with the slinky on the outside. You can then attach the top of the slinky to the top of the shepherd’s hook. You can also try tapping a few nails at the top of the pole so they hold the slinky in place.

Do eggshells keep squirrels away?

In terms of adding egg shells to soil, this probably won’t keep squirrels away but it will do wonders for your pots because egg shells add calcium to soil as they compost.

Does Irish Spring soap keep squirrels away?

Keep Squirrels Out of Your Garden

Protect it by grating some Irish Spring soap around your plants. Squirrels can’t stand the smell of it and will stay away.

Do coffee grounds keep squirrels away?

Coffee grounds will keep squirrels away from your garden because they do not like the smell. Simply sprinkle some fresh grounds on the soil surrounding your plants every two weeks. You can also try spraying your plants with a hot pepper spray for the same effect.

What are squirrels afraid of?

Plants squirrels hate include fritillaries, geraniums, hyacinth, galanthus, lily-of-the-valley, mint, and daffodils. Daffodils are dangerous because they contain lycorine and calcium oxalate crystals that are toxic when ingested.

Can squirrels climb PVC pipe?

Can squirrels climb PVC pipe? No, they cannot, especially when it’s wide enough. When you cover your bird feeder’s pole with PVC pipe, it creates a slippery surface that ensures that the squirrels can’t climb up because they can’t grip it easily like a tree.

Will Tabasco sauce hurt birds?

And for those of us that are worried about the birds, don’t! Birds do not react to the capsaicin chemical as mammals do. This means that birds either do not have the receptors in their mouths that bind with the capsaicin or that their receptors are just insensitive to the capsaicin.

How do I keep GREY squirrels off my bird feeder?

A wrap-around squirrel baffle is great for keeping squirrels away from bird feeders. By creating a conical, unstable separation between the pole and the bird feeder, wrap-around baffles deter squirrels from stealing bird seed. Torpedo baffles also keep squirrels away from bird feeders.

How do you keep raccoons off shepherds hooks?

Solution Clips fit over the end of shepherds hooks to stop raccoons from lifting feeders off the hook. Utility Chains can help keep feeders hanging securely from tree limbs. We also have feeders (suet, peanut, fruit, etc) which can be securely screwed to a tree or fence.

What size PVC can squirrels not climb?

(3) Another method you may want to consider is using PVC pipe, available at local building supply stores. They are unable to climb on the PVC pipe if it’s diameter is large enough. Using a 8 inch diameter PVC pipe 6 feet long and 1 treated 4 x 4 x 8 post.

Does white vinegar repel squirrels?

Squirrels have an extremely strong sense of smell which is what allows them to thrive during the fall and winter. Due to it’s pungent aroma, squirrels are sensitive to vinegar and stay away. You can spray a diluted solution of white vinegar near areas where squirrels frequent to repel them.

Is WD-40 toxic to animals?

As you can see from the above poisoning symptoms, WD-40 can be toxic when ingested. The problem with pets and kids is that they don’t always know what they’re NOT supposed to lick. So if you use WD-40 around the house, you may want to make sure it’s only used in places that pets and small humans can’t reach.

How do I keep squirrels off my 4×4 post?

To keep squirrels from getting onto your bird feeder, place your post-mounted feeders 8-10′ away from railings, roofs or trees. Squirrel baffles should be a minimum of 4′ from the ground to protect the bird feeder. To close your baffle, slide the left tab into the right slot until they snap together.

Do squirrel spikes work?

Spikes. Anti-bird spikes also work well at discouraging squirrels. Put spikes on the poles that support power lines or other cables going to your home. They also have a good track record when used along the top of fences where squirrels like to run back-and-forth and gain access to your home.

Can squirrels climb galvanized pipe?

A handyman in Donora, Pennsylvania, discovered that the same pipe used for plumbing can be an effective deterrent for squirrels, which can´t climb it. Using the pipe as a post on which a bird feeder is mounted prevents the creatures from getting any traction. They just slide down.

What are squirrel baffles?

Squirrel baffles are used to block a squirrel from getting to the seed in your bird feeder. Most baffles are either cone or dome-shaped. They are made of various materials, plastic being the most popular. Baffles are a perfect complement to your other squirrel resisting tactics!

Can squirrels climb stove pipe?

A stove pipe is a major deterrent if squirrels are climbing up your bird feeder pole. This YouTuber attached a furnace pipe halfway up the pole, then made sure the top of the pipe was blocked off. The squirrels crawl up, bonk their heads and run away!

Does orange peel deter squirrels?

Try a Repellent

There are various store-bought or homemade repellents that are supposed to deter squirrels. They use ingredients that are smell or taste irritants like hot peppers, garlic, orange peels, human hair, blood meal, or animal urine.

Does paprika keep squirrels away?

Peppers are in the Capsicum genus and vary in spiciness levels. Paprika, for example, contains capsaicinoid levels up to 30 parts per million, while jalapeños have concentrations of 16,000 parts per million. Squirrels’ brain receptors react to the capsaicinoids in peppers negatively and thus deters them.

How do I squirrel proof my bird feeder?

Hang a modified 2-liter soda bottle between two trees spaced 16 to 25 feet apart, using 16-gauge galvanized-steel wire, two 2-inch No. 6 screw eyes and one ¼ x 2–inch eyebolt with nuts. Ten 1-foot lengths of ½-inch PVC spin on the wire, stopping squirrels as birds perch on pieces of a 20-ounce bottle.

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