How Many Golf Balls Fit In A 747

At three cubic inches per ball, a 747 could hold 10,368,000 balls. However, spheres do not fit perfectly together. Keeping This In View, How many ping pong balls can you fit in a Boeing 747? The question is fairly satisfactorily answered: "The 747-400 has a passenger volume of 876 cubic meters, plus a cargo volume of 159 cubic meters, for a total of 1035; the balls have a diameter of 40mm; this gives about 22,870,000 ping pong balls." The answerer notes that the weight of this many balls would prevent the ... Likewise, How much load can a 747 carry? The standard 747-400 Freighter can carry 248,000 lb (103,419 kg) of cargo approximately 4,450 nmi. With the 747-400ER Freighter, operators can fly an addi- tional 525 nmi or carry an additional 22,000 lb (9,979 kg) of payload. The improvements to the 747-400ER Freighter provide additional operational flexibility (fig.

how many golf balls fit in a 747

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How much can a 747 fit?

The 747-8 freighter carries 46 shipping containers: 34 on its main deck and 12 in its lower compartments. It has a cargo capacity of 307,600 pounds, or about 30,000 packages, and a range of 4,200 nautical miles.

Can you bring golf balls on a plane?

Checked Bags: Yes

page. The final decision rests with the TSA officer on whether an item is allowed through the checkpoint.

How many golf balls fit in the Empire State Building?

However, since there are seats and crap in there taking up space and also since the spherical shape of a golf ball means there will be considerable empty space between them when stacked, I’ll round down to 500,000 golf balls.

How many apples fit in a jumbo jet?

And, when challenged with how many apples would fit inside a jumbo jet? “300,000 apples,” King insists.

How many golf balls are in a bus?

85 inches is the radius of a golf ball. Divide that 2.5 cubic inches into 1.6 million and you come up with 660,000 golf balls.

How much is a Boeing 757 worth?

Many Boeing 757 can have a price tag of North of $100 million. But with space for up to 43 passengers, this aircraft is not only luxurious but large too. It can fly 40,000 feet in the air, ensuring a smooth ride, and is powered by Rolls Royce engines.

How much does a 747 engine cost?

An engine makes the 747 aircraft cost approximately $12 million, depending on the manufacturer. As long as there are fewer than two engines for sale, they cannot be purchased by an airline.

Why does a 747 have 5 engines?

The extra engine adds drag to one side of the plane. Consequently, pilots have to adjust the power on the other side to compensate. The special cargo meant that the aircraft was heavier and required additional stops.

Do 747s still fly?

Thankfully the 747 has always been popular as a freighter, with dedicated examples and converted passenger aircraft still flying in large numbers. Airlines flying cargo variants of the 747 include: Aerostan, Kyrgyzstan.

Can you bring a rangefinder on a plane?

Range finders can cost upwards $400 for the latest and greatest, so they can fetch a nice resale prize for anybody who snatches one. Put range finders in your luggage or carry on. Leave them in your golf bag and they might go missing. One color scheme is the base of efficiency.

Can you take golf clubs on a plane?

Airlines and government agencies prohibit you from taking a single golf club on a plane as hand luggage as it could be used as a weapon. You will therefore have to check in your golf club with the rest of your checked luggage but remember to protect it properly.

How heavy is a full 747?

To sum it up, depending on the variant, a Boeing 747 aircraft weighs anywhere between 337,100 pounds (152.9 tons) and 485,300 pounds (220.1 tons) in terms of its empty operating weight. And, its maximum take-off weight is between 700,000 pounds (320.0 tons) and 987,000 pounds (447.7 tons).

What is the takeoff speed of a 747?

The 747 goes from its approximate takeoff speed of 200 mph (89.4 meters per second) to 0 mph in 27 seconds. Using the definition of acceleration, this means the brake-only stopping 747 has acceleration magnitude of 3.31 m/s2.

How many quarters stack for the Empire State Building?

1700 feet * 120 quarters/ft = 204,000 quarters to be the height of Empire State Building.

How many golf balls can fit in a house?

Divide 2.5 cubic inches into 1.6 million cubic inches and you come up with 660,000 golf balls.

How tall is the Empire State Building interview question?

He estimated that a quarter is about an inch in diameter and guessed that there are 120 floors in the Empire State Building, with each floor being 10 feet tall.

How many iPhones can fit in a 747?

A single wide-body Boeing 747 can easily carry 150,000 iPhones tucked into its aluminum canisters.

How many iPhones does a 747 have?

Given the packaging dimensions and our assumption of 5% wasted space, we estimate that 600,000 iPhones could fit into a full 747 freighter, which would weigh 231 metrics tons.

How much does a 747 weigh guesstimate?

The weight of an empty Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet without any passengers, freight or fuel is 412,300 lbs or 187,000 KGS. To put it in perspective, this is more than 4 times heavier than the empty weight of a Boeing 737-800 (which is 91,300 lb / 41,413 kg).

How many golf balls are on the moon?

There are two golf balls on the moon, placed there by Alan Shepard, a NASA astronaut in the Apollo 14 mission in 1971.

How many balls can fit in a car?

Leaving about 280,000 cubic inches as the final volume of the car. So, the total number of tennis balls is 280,000 (volume of a car) divided by 4 (volume of a tennis ball), which will be equal to approximately 70,000. Meaning that about 70,000 tennis balls will fit into a regular car.

How many golf balls can fit in a Boeing 747 interview questions?

Three thousand x 10,368 cubic inches means we have 31,104,000 cubic inches of space available. At three cubic inches per ball, a 747 could hold 10,368,000 balls.

What is the biggest cargo plane in the world?

Antonov An-225 Mriya

The Antonov An-225 Mriya is the largest cargo plane in the world and was developed in 1985 in the Soviet Union. There was only one of these planes ever built and it’s still in operation today. Its wingspan is the largest of any operational aircraft and it’s also the heaviest plane ever made.

How much cargo can a 747-400 carry?

The 747-400F has a maximum takeoff weight of 875,000 pounds (397,000 kg) and a maximum payload of 274,100 pounds (124,000 kg).

What is the largest cargo plane in the US military?

With a payload capacity of almost 135 tons, the C-5 Galaxy is the largest aircraft routinely operated by the U.S. military.

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