How Far Is Waco From Fort Worth

Waco is widely known for the siege of the Branch Davidian compound in 1993, when agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms tried to arrest Branch Davidian leader David Koresh for stockpiling weapons and explosives at a ranch outside town. Also, What towns are between Fort Worth and Waco? The top cities between Fort Worth and Waco are Arlington and Grapevine. Arlington is the most popular city on the route — it's less than an hour from Fort Worth and 2 hours from Waco. Moreover, How far apart is Fort Worth and Waco? 88 miles / 142 km Waco to Fort Worth drive.

how far is waco from fort worth

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How do I get from Fort Worth to Waco?

The quickest way to get from Fort Worth to Waco is to drive which costs $15 – $23 and takes 1h 22m. Is there a direct bus between Fort Worth and Waco? Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Ft Worth and arriving at Waco. Services depart twice daily, and operate every day.

What is the best time of year to visit Waco Texas?

The tourism score favors clear, rainless days with perceived temperatures between 65°F and 80°F. Based on this score, the best times of year to visit Waco for general outdoor tourist activities are from early April to early June and from mid September to late October, with a peak score in the first week of May.

How many days do you need in Waco?

Waco siege, a 51-day standoff between Branch Davidians and federal agents that ended on April 19, 1993, when the religious group’s compound near Waco, Texas, was destroyed in a fire.

What city is halfway between Waco and Fort Worth?

The city at the geographic halfway point from Waco, TX to Fort Worth, TX is Osceola, Texas.

Is Waco near Dallas?

Distance between Waco and Dallas is 141 kilometers (88 miles). Driving distance from Waco to Dallas is 153 kilometers (95 miles).

What’s halfway between Fort Worth and Waco?

The city at the geographic halfway point from Fort Worth, TX to Waco, TX is Osceola, Texas.

Does Amtrak go through Waco Texas?

Waco, TX (WCX) | Amtrak.

Can you take a bus from Dallas to Waco?

Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Dallas and arriving at Waco. Services depart three times a day, and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 1h 30m.

Does it cost to visit Magnolia market?

Magnolia Market and its famous landmark silos occupy two city blocks in downtown Waco. Owned by HGTV “Fixer Upper” stars Chip and Joanna Gaines, the store offers items in Joanna’s unique style. Admission to the complex is free. Visitors can play free games on the lawn or picnic in the shade.

Do you ever see Chip and Joanna at the silos?

Rarely do you ever see them at the Silos. They are there though. On a rare occasion Chip has stepped out on the stairwell and will wave or give a shout out to the crowd below. Good to remember that they are super busy these days with all their business ventures and filming.

Can you go inside the silos at Magnolia market?

Outside to your right, there’s an irresistible photo op: those iconic grain silos—which you can’t actually enter, but which sure look impressive. According to the Magnolia website, the couple has big plans for the structures.

What is the best day to visit Magnolia market?

Wednesdays tend to be the least busy day to visit. The best time of day to visit is right at opening, or in the evenings after 4 pm. Magnolia Market has its own free parking lot located off 8th Street. Free street parking is also available in the surrounding area.

What is the best time to go to Magnolia table?

Time Your visit to beat the crowds

Skip the weekends if at all possible…Wednesday is the best day to go to avoid large crowds. Definitely stay away during holidays unless you don’t mind Disney-like lines! The best time to hit The Silos Baking Co. is when it opens at 7:30 am.

What is halfway between Fort Worth and Austin?

Halfway between Austin, TX and Fort Worth, TX

The best city between Austin, TX and Fort Worth, TX to meet is Waco, Texas which is about 7 miles from the exact midpoint. The town that marks the exact halfway point is actually Hewitt, Texas. The closest zip code to the midpoint is 76706.

Is Waco Texas a poor city?

The poverty rate in Waco is 26% (36,201 residents).

Is Waco TX safe?


Waco is a medium-security city. If you use common sense, do not walk late at night and alone around the city, avoid contact with suspicious people, and do not attract too much attention – you can be here quite safely.

Is Waco closer to Dallas or Austin?

Waco is located 90 miles north of Austin, the Texas state capital, and 90 miles south of the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

What is halfway between Fort Worth and Houston?

The city at the geographic halfway point from Fort Worth, TX to Houston, TX is Seale, Texas.

What airlines fly in and out of Waco Texas?

American, American Eagle, Envoy Air, Inc. and the AmericanConnections® airlines serve 250 cities in over 40 countries with more than 3,900 daily flights.

What cities in Texas does Amtrak go to?

Cities served include Beaumont, Houston, San Antonio, Del Rio, Sanderson, Alpine and El Paso. Note: Amtrak no longer publishes printed timetables so download this timetable for your next trip! Book all the above trips through or through the Amtrak app.

Are there any passenger trains in Texas?

Ready for a real adventure? Let Amtrak take you deep in the heart of Texas. Hop aboard the Texas Eagle, traveling between Chicago and San Antonio, through major cities from Austin to Dallas. Connecting service between San Antonio and Los Angeles is available via the Sunset Limited.

What major airport is closest to Waco Texas?

The nearest airport to Waco is Waco (ACT) Airport which is 6.2 miles away. Other nearby airports include Dallas (DAL) (91.6 miles), Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW) (94 miles) and Austin (AUS) (98.6 miles).

Are the silos worth visiting?

It’s a fun experience if you’re passing through, like we were, or if you’re in the area for something else. But the Magnolia experience is something you can definitely do in one day.

Where do Chip and Joanna live now 2022?

The couple live in a 1700-square-foot farmhouse in the Waco, Texas, suburb of Crawford, and they have made significant improvements to the 1895-built property since they acquired it in 2012. According to Country Living, the Gaines’ farmhouse sits on 40 acres of land.

Is Magnolia in Waco worth visiting?

Magnolia Market at the Silos lives up to its billing. The shopping area, bakery and outdoor area are good for a family outing or for a shopping trip. The outdoor area includes a play area, bean bags for resting, picnic tables and artificial turf for play.

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