How Did Jem Lose His Pants

What did Jem lose in the process? Answer: The children were frightened on the Radley's back porch by a shadow. When the children ran from the Radley's backyard, they had to scoot under the fence. Jem's pants got stuck going under, so he had to wiggle out of them and leave them tangled in the fence. Similarly, How did Jem lose his pants and what did he find when he went back? Jem lost his pants because when the trio wanted to leave the Radley's yard, they had to go under some barbed wire. As a result, Jem got stuck on the wire and he had to take off his pants. When he went back for them, Jem found his pants stitched up and on top of the fence. Also Asked, How did Jem lose his pants in Chapter 6? Summary: Chapter 6 Suddenly, they see the shadow of a man with a hat on and flee, hearing a shotgun go off behind them. They escape under the fence by the schoolyard, but Jem's pants get caught on the fence, and he has to kick them off in order to free himself.

how did jem lose his pants

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How does Dill claim Jem lose his pants?

How does Dill claim Jem lost his pants? He claims that they were playing strip poker. What nickname does Jem call Scout?

What is Boo Radley’s real name?

In the classic American novel To Kill a Mockingbird, Boo Radley (whose first name is actually Arthur) doesn’t leave his house or talk to anyone, which leads the children in the novel’s setting (Maycomb, Alabama) to wildly speculate about what he looks and acts like.

Why doesn’t Scout want him to go get his pants?

Why doesn’t Scout want Jem to go back to retrieve his pants? Scout doesn’t want Jem to go back and retrieve his pants because Mr. Author Radley is waiting for the next sound he hears in the patch, an’ next time he won’ aim high, be it dog, black person or—-Jem Finch.

Why is Jem so concerned about getting his pants back?

When Jem wet to get his pants back, he found them all sewed up and folded as if it was waiting for him. He was frightened by the fact that the pants had been sewed up by a man, meaning Boo Radely knew he was coming to get his pants back and ad mended theme for him.

Why did Mr Radley plug up the Knot Hole?

When Jem asks Mr. Radley (Nathan Radley, Boo’s brother) about the knothole the following day, Mr. Radley replies that he plugged the knothole because the tree is dying.

How did Atticus know about Jem’s pants?

Apparently, Atticus has known all along about the night Jem lost in his pants on the Radley’s fence, but he never felt the need to say anything about it. What physical evidence led Atticus to make his realization? Jem came home without his pants also, the pants were sewn poorly meaning Calpurnia didn’t Fox them.

Why is Jem crying at the end of Chapter 7?

Jem cries at the end of chapter 7 because he realizes all his life when he said how mean Boo was, is was complete and utter lies. Boo was being mistreated the whole time, and no one will help him.

What code does Jem break?

Scout relates that, upon seeing Dill under the bed, Jem “rose and broke the remaining code of our childhood” by telling Atticus. To Scout, this act makes Jem a “traitor,” though it is really an act of responsibility that marks Jem’s maturation toward adulthood.

What did Jem confess to Scout?

What secret does Jem reveal to Scout? Jem reveals that when he went back for his pants, they were folded and sewn across the fence like as if they were expecting him.

How does Jem lose his pants and how does Dill explain it?

Dill explains that Jem lost his pants while playing strip poker by the pond. Most of the adults are content with this explanation; they are used to the town’s children getting into mischief.

What does Jem tell Scout about his pants?

What does Jem tell Scout about his pants? He tells Scout that one of the Radleys sewed up the hole in his pants, and he found them folded neatly.

How did Jem and Scout learn the truth?

Scout taught him to always listen to both sides of the story, and Atticus taught him to always tell children the truth, because they can always spot evasions and those only muddle them. What brave thing does Atticus do in Chapter 10?

Why did boo stab his father?

The judge agreed but unfortunately for Boo this meant that he spent the next 15 years of his life locked up in his childhood home. He becomes like a ghost who is unable to lead a normal fulfilling life, apparently rebelling only when he stabs his father in the leg with a pair of scissors.

What mental illness does Boo Radley have?

However, Boo’s autism also serves as an unexpected superpower, because he is impressively hyperaware, highly intelligent, and arguably able to save Scout and Jem since his disability inhibits him from worrying about repercussions the same way other people do.

Who shoots the mad dog?

In Chapter 11, Atticus shoots a mad (rabid) dog in the street. This episode serves two important purposes in the novel. Before the incident with the dog, Scout and Jem saw their father as old, reserved, and not particularly powerful.

Does Scout get spanked?

Francis tells Alexandra and Uncle Jack that Scout hit him, and Uncle Jack spanks her without hearing her side of the story. After they return to Maycomb, Scout tells Jack what Francis said and Jack becomes furious.

What does Jem realize that Scout does not yet understand?

After they find the soap dolls, what does Jem realize that Scout does not yet understand? Jem realizes that Boo Radley is watching them. He also thinks that Boo Radley isn’t as harmful as they thought.

What line indicates that Jem decides it was wrong?

What line indicates that Jem decided what they did was wrong? “We shoudn’a done that tonight, Scout.”

Why is it important to Jem to get his pants before morning?

Why is it important to Jem to go back and get his pants before morning, even though the mission is dangerous? He does not want Atticus to find out what he, Scout, and Dill were up to. More importantly, he does not want to lose his father’s respect.

Why is Jem a Mockingbird?

Throughout the book, a number of characters (Jem, Tom Robinson, Dill, Boo Radley, Mr. Raymond) can be identified as mockingbirds—innocents who have been injured or destroyed through contact with evil.

What surprised Jem when he returned to retrieve his pants?

When Jem went back for his pants, he found them mended and neatly folded over the fence. This frightens him because it makes him think that someone had been watching him or reading his mind: “…

What did Boo Radley leave in the tree?

Fresh. Wrigley’s Double-Mint.

Who fixed Jem’s pants?

Who do you think mended Jem’s pants? Why do you think he/she did this? Boo, because he is actually a nice guy. Previously, the children had assumed that the knot-hole was someone’s hiding place.

How does Scout catch dill in a lie about his father?

What does Dill say that causes Scout to accuse him of lying? Dill says his dad doesn’t have a beard, when in beginning of the summer he had told Jem and Scout that his dad did.

Why do Jem and Atticus not return the blanket?

Why do Atticus and Jem decide not to return the blanket at this time? Atticus and Jem both realize that if they return the blanket, Nathan Radley will know that Boo ventured out of the house. They decide not to return it in hopes of saving Boo from punishment.

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